Li-9V ICR18650
Lithium-ion Rechargeable

Main Features
    ●   Discharge voltage plateau as high as 3.6 – 3.8V
    ●   High energy density
    ●   Low self discharge rate
    ●   Long cycle life
    ●   No memory effect

Major Applications

         Electric tools, Electric toy, All types of lamps, Medical equipment, Wireless communications and other kind of fields.

 Battery Details
 Chemistry  Camelion Model   Size  Voltage Weight  Dimension  Capacity
LI-ION ICR-18650F-26 ICR-18650 3.7V 47g 18.5  x 65.0mm 2600mAh 
 LI-ION   ICR-18650F-22   ICR-18650   3.7V   43g  18.5  x 65.0mm  2200mAh 
LI-ION ICR-18650F-20 ICR-18650 3.7V 42g 18.5  x 65.0mm 2000mAh