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The Camelion BC-0905T charger is integrated with multiple safety functions with a pair of independent charging channels to recharge 

AA and AAA batteries in several hours. Designed with smart indicators and timer, this charger is capable of preserving your batteries 

to the largest extent.

 Compatible for 2 or 4 Ni-MH AA/AAA rechargeable batteries   

 Over-voltage Protection 

     Sets a constant charging voltage to avoid over-charging

 2H Timer-control Protection 

     Automatically detects charging time and cuts off main charging current   

 Reverse polarity protection 

     Prevents incorrect battery polarities connection

 Easy-to-monitor charging indicators 

     Intuitively show charging status

Battery Type Charging Time (Appr.)
Ni-MH AA 2300mAh
10 h
Ni-MH AA 2200mAh 10 h
Ni-MH AA 2000mAh 9.5 h
Ni-MH AA 1800mAh 9 h
Ni-MH AA 1500mAh 8.5 h
Ni-MH AAA 1100mAh 10 h
Ni-MH AAA 1000mAh 10 h
Ni-MH AAA 900mAh
10 h
Ni-MH AAA 800mAh
9.5 h
Ni-MH AAA 600mAh
6 h

 *The charging time varies according to different batteries. For a more complete listing 

please visit

    Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.1A Max
    Output: AA:  2 x (2.8V 0.25A)                          
               AAA: 2 x (2.8V 0.12A)
                       400mA (3-4 pcs)
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