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  • The Camelion BC-0807T Battery Charger can recharge one to four 1.2V AA or AAA Ni-MH /Ni-Cd batteries. 4 independent charging channels with LED indicator allow you to charge different numbers and combinations of batteries at the same time.  It is designed with multiple levels of safety protection and a micro USB input. The safety timer control equipped inside makes the charger outstanding and prevents batteries from overcharging. This compact battery charger is ideal for the home or on the go. 

Suitable for AA and AAA batteries

   Charges 1-4 pcs 1.2V AA or AAA size Ni-MH / Ni-Cd rechargeable 

   batteries at the same time

● Three levels of safety protection
   Over-voltage protection
   Timer control protection
   Reverse polarity protection

Automatically cut off after 8 hours
    Protects against overcharge and helps to maximize the life 

cycle of the battery

4 independent charging indicators
Green LED flashing: charging in progress
Green LED solid: charging completed

 ● Input  5V  1.5A

 ● Output : AA: 4× (1.4V     0.3A) 

                      AAA: 4 × (1.4V     0.15A)              

 ● Timer Control:  8 hours

 ● Color:  White


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