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       This LCD Super Fast Charger is designed to charge 1-4pcs Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd AA/AAA rechargeablebatteries. The 4 independent charging channels are 

allowed to use respectively or with optional combination, AA and AAA batteries can be charged in each channel. The multiple charging protections 

and 100-240VAC worldwide voltage input ensure you safely use it all over the world.

● 4 Independent Charging Channels

 ● 6 Level Charge Protections
         -△V Cut Off
         Timer Control Protection
         Over Temperature Protection
         Reverse Polarity Protection
         Over current and Short Circuit Protection
         Defective and Non-rechargeable Battery Detection
● Trickle Charge
 ● Switch and Match Plugs
 ● LED Indicators

Red Charging
Flashing Defective or non-rechargeable batteries / Short circuit
Green Fully charged / Trickle

Type of Battery Charging time(Appr.)
  1-2 Cells 3-4 Cells
Ni-MH AA 2700mAh 3 h 6 h
Ni-MH AA 2000mAh 2.5 h 4.5 h
Ni-MH AA 1500mAh 2 h 3.5 h
Ni-MH AAA 800mAh 100 min 3 h
Ni-Cd AA 1000mAh 70 min 2 h
Ni-Cd AAA 300mAh 40 min 70 min


    Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz
    Output:  AA: 1000mA (1- 2 pcs), 
                          500mA (3-4 pcs)
                 AAA: 600mA (1- 2 pcs), 
                          300mA (3-4 pcs)